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Celtachor - "In the Halls of our Ancient Fathers" Full-length CD 2010

CELTACHOR - "In the Halls of our Ancient Fathers" (Full-length CD 2010)
Celtic Folk Black Metal - Ireland
Available for Free Download

     I'm so glad I discovered this band, who says Myspace is a waste of time? :) So yes, I discovered Celtachor surfing on Myspace and their music instantly hit me. I'll present below what this band is all about, but first let's see who they are.
     Celtachor was formed in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland as a quartet I guess. They have changed founding bassist and drummer and the line-up at the moment is: Stiofan (vocals, whistles), Dithi (guitars), Anais (drums) and Emile (bass). After a demo, "Signs of War", released in 2008, it seems the band felt it's time to release its debut full-length. 7 tracks, 35 minutes, very aggressive Folk-influenced music, that would be the short presentation on "In the Halls of our Ancient Fathers" but to go more in depth I could add: barbaric hoarse vocals, Thrashy Black Metal guitar riffs, powerful, very busy bass lines, metallic, well executed pounding drums and last but not least a fabulous medieval whistle playing handled by Stiofan. As he is the vocalist as well and his vocal lines are pretty much everywhere, the whistle parts are few but oh so effective and catchy, it makes you want for more and more so it's the perfect tease in Celtachor's music. I have mentioned Thrash and Black before and yes, the main part of Celtachor is based on barbaric, aggressive Thrash and Black Metal (old-school) roots, but it has its epic parts as well (mostly guitar created). I'm only sorry I don't have the lyrics, I guess they are interesting as well. 
     The bad parts of this album, few indeed, would be that sometimes the music tends to become very busy and hard to follow and gives the impression of primitive craft (the guitar almost looses pace), and also the sound of this album is very raw, and that could be a minus for the ones used with the nowadays Pagan Folk (shiny and rich) bands, or a major plus for the ones nostalgic for old-school metal. Decide for yourselves by downloading this album for free (the band decided to share it with everyone for free but they also sell hard copies). For me Celtachor is a major win for the scene...